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More great PowerPivot resources!

As you already may know, we have a couple of forums for PowerPivot at:

Dave Wickert with his site has also created two new sections:

  • Reported Problems section which compiles the different issues concerning PowerPivot for SharePoint installations and
  • Troubleshooting section which complies different Troubleshooting issues concerning PowerPivot for SharePoint installations.

Please do not forget that the all four PowerPivot for SharePoint installation guides can be found here as well.

Rob Collie has also put together:

where you can see some of the key MVPs respond to some great questions concerning PowerPivot …disclosure: myself and Dave are also answering questions there 🙂

The coup de grace of course is is Dave and my downloadable Academy Live presentation which

This will definitely help jump start your PowerPivot for SharePoint geekiness.


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