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Customizing the PowerPivot Management Dashboard

(preliminary pre-release)

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Primary Author: Ankur Goyal, SQL-Analysis Services
Technical Reviewer: John Hancock, Dave Wickert, Lee Graber, and Artur Pop


The purpose of PowerPivot for SharePoint is to allow users to share their PowerPivot workbooks in a secure and scalable environment. This whitepaper focuses on the features that SQL Server 2008 R2 provides to help IT users to manage and understand the self-service BI activity. This whitepaper also describes key features of the PowerPivot Management Dashboard that we provide with PowerPivot for SharePoint. The PowerPivot Management Dashboard is built using PowerPivot, SharePoint web part pages and Excel Services technologies. This white paper describes how IT users can extend the capabilities of the management dashboard by creating their own custom reports and dashboard.

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Diagnostic Guide for Usage and the PowerPivot Management Dashboard

Ankur Goyal from the Analysis Services Test team has written a great diagnostic guide on how to use the PowerPivot Management Dashboard.  For more information, please refer to:


Dashboard Bubble Chart Shows a Red X (fails to load)

By Lee Graber (, on February 8th, 2010

If there is any error trying to load the bubble chart data for the dashboard, instead of getting a page load failure, the bubble chart simply displays a red X. Whenever you get a red X in the bubble chart there will be an associated log entry in the ULS log on the machine running the Central Admin site. It will look something like this:

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How to manually update your PowerPivot Management Dashboard

By powerpivotgeek (, on January 18th, 2010

We have gotten lots of feedback about the new CTP3 PowerPivot Management Dashboard feature. Most folks are excited about the new reports and can see how the reports give you an unparalleled ability to ‘peek’ inside the running services. However the default “wait-a-day” update cycle can see a bit long. A day-long cycle period seems OK for long-term analysis of data, but for demoing the system and investigating how to use the capabilities work you might want a shorter cycle, or want the ability to refresh the data during the day. This post is all about how you do that.

First, you have to determine if the Usage file collection is long enough for you to wait. By default, it takes 30 minutes for your actual usage of the system (clicking here; clicking there) actually end up in a Usage file. If you can wait 30 minutes, then leave the system as it is. If you need usage information sooner, then you will need to tweak two settings:

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