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How much data can I load into PowerPivot?

By powerpivotgeek (, on August 22nd, 2010

Recently a question has come up on one of the forums about the number of rows that PowerPivot can load. Clearly PowerPivot can hold a lot – just look at our demos. Millions and millions . . ah . . but how many millions?

The key geek ‘magic’ is the Vertipaq engine. The in-memory Vertipaq engine has an extensive array of techniques that it uses for compressing and manipulating the data. Being an in-memory database system means that the more data that we can get in . . the more data we can scan . . the more kinds of applications that we can solve. So compression is a HUGE deal for us.

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Working with the 2010 Office ACE provider

By powerpivotgeek (, on August 18th, 2010

Ok. I’ve promised some best practices – here is my first one.

What is the 2010 Office ACE provider and why is this important to PowerPivot? The 2010 Office System Driver for Data Connectivity Components (aka the Office ACE provider) is a OLE DB provider that can be used to read data from and write data to Office 2010 system files such as Microsoft Access Beta (mdb and accdb) files and Microsoft Excel 2010 (xls, xlsx, and xlsb) files. You can also use it to access text files.

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Client: What happens if I install the wrong ‘bitness’?

By powerpivotgeek (, on June 17th, 2010

Recently ran into this situation: Customer installed the wrong PowerPivot bits on their machine. They were running on a 64-bit OS with Office 2010 x64, but installed PowerPivot for Excel 32-bit. Everything installed OK, but when they clicked on the PowerPivot tab in Excel; then the PowerPivot Window they received the following error:

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Modifying the SharePoint v4.master page for the PowerPivot Gallery

By powerpivotgeek (, on June 17th, 2010

Attempting to use a modified version of the SharePoint v4.master page is a great way to style our SharePoint site.  If you interested in doing this, then the first thing to do is to make sure that you go to the right place:

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Delegation, Claims, Active Directory….Again?! Frak!

May 23, 2010 by dennyglee | Edit

 As you may have noted in my original posting Delegation, Claims, Active Directory…Oh My!…Aw Crap!, it quickly described how to solve issues surrounding the delegation of the claims token within an Active Directory environment.  In it I referenced Lee Graber’s excellent posting: The data connection uses Windows Authentication and user credentials could not be delegated.

PowerPivotGeek’s Tips, How-to, and A Peek Inside!

PowerPivotGeek has been doing a lot of GREAT posts the last week and its getting harder and harder to keep up with greatness!  Saying this, here are some great tips, how-to, and A Peek Inside!





A Peek Inside!


Hierarchies, Oh Hierarchies…where are thou? (in PowerPivot)

I had a great question from a customer concerning something weird happening with PowerPivot relationships.  In this example, we have two tables such as city and state.  With the City-State mapping table, it is apparent that the cities of Boston, Quincy, Norwood belong to MA while Seattle and Redmond belong to WA.  Even though the relationship makes sense (as per below)


the output doesn’t!


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