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PowerPivotGeek’s Tips, How-to, and A Peek Inside!

PowerPivotGeek has been doing a lot of GREAT posts the last week and its getting harder and harder to keep up with greatness!  Saying this, here are some great tips, how-to, and A Peek Inside!





A Peek Inside!



Hierarchies, Oh Hierarchies…where are thou? (in PowerPivot)

I had a great question from a customer concerning something weird happening with PowerPivot relationships.  In this example, we have two tables such as city and state.  With the City-State mapping table, it is apparent that the cities of Boston, Quincy, Norwood belong to MA while Seattle and Redmond belong to WA.  Even though the relationship makes sense (as per below)


the output doesn’t!


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Now that PowerPivot has RTM…

As per many blog postings, press releases, tweets, messages, and streams – PowerPivot went RTM on the 5/12.  So what can or should we do now?  Here’s some quick great blog postings to get yourself up and running on PowerPivot ASAP:


    PowerPivot and data feeds . . .

    Great video by John Hancock on PowerPivot and data feeds

    PowerPivot and data feeds . . ..

    Howto: Get more flexibility when importing data from text files

    By powerpivotgeek (, on April 27th, 2010

    Question: By default PowerPivot has two limitations when working with text files (using the Office ACE OLE DB provider): (1) will only import data from files with an extension of .txt, .tab, and .csv; and (2) it will only recognize tab, comma, semicolon, space, colon, and vertical bar and column delimiters. Is there a way to change PowerPivot’s configuration so that it will recognize other file extensions or column delimiters?

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    Querying data within the PowerPivot Excel client add-in

    By powerpivotgeek (, on April 27th, 2010

    Recently we have been seeing some users complain about how the PowerPivot Excel client add-in deals with queries. There are three limitations that you need deal with when working with SQL (TSQL, PL/SQL, or whatever) and stored procedures:

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    PowerPivot for SharePoint Quick tip: Don’t forget to install Desktop Experience

    For those of you who are using Windows 7 client, you should be good-to-go already because you already have Desktop Experience installed.  But if you are using a Windows Server  OS (e.g. Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2), you will need to install it as part of an additional feature via the Server Manager.

    Why you ask?

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