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Keeping a workbook ‘pinned’ in memory

By powerpivotgeek (, on March 2nd, 2010

One of the special considerations that arise when demonstrating PowerPivot is that you would like to ensure the workbooks that you are showing are kept in memory all of the time. PowerPivot does not have a built-in ‘pin’ feature to do this, but there is nice trick that you can use. Here is what I do:

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#PowerPivot for #SharePoint Academy Live presentation on 12/15 8am PST

For those of you whom had missed Dave Wickert and my presentation at PASS 2009 (SQLCAT: A Preview to PowerPivot Server Best Practices), we invite you to register for PowerPivot for SharePoint Academy Live which will occur on 12/15 8am PST at:


Temperature Mashup Demo – Download the Workbook!

Don’t forget to download Rob Collie’s Temperature Mashup Demo at  The workbook provides a great example of how to join two different sets of data (in this case, sales and temperature data) as well as creating complex measures within PowerPivot – i.e. DAX. 

And don’t forget that the latest CTP3 DAX reference is now available online at MSDN.



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