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Delegation, Claims, Active Directory….Again?! Frak!

May 23, 2010 by dennyglee | Edit

 As you may have noted in my original posting Delegation, Claims, Active Directory…Oh My!…Aw Crap!, it quickly described how to solve issues surrounding the delegation of the claims token within an Active Directory environment.  In it I referenced Lee Graber’s excellent posting: The data connection uses Windows Authentication and user credentials could not be delegated.


PowerPivotGeek’s Tips, How-to, and A Peek Inside!

PowerPivotGeek has been doing a lot of GREAT posts the last week and its getting harder and harder to keep up with greatness!  Saying this, here are some great tips, how-to, and A Peek Inside!





A Peek Inside!


Hierarchies, Oh Hierarchies…where are thou? (in PowerPivot)

I had a great question from a customer concerning something weird happening with PowerPivot relationships.  In this example, we have two tables such as city and state.  With the City-State mapping table, it is apparent that the cities of Boston, Quincy, Norwood belong to MA while Seattle and Redmond belong to WA.  Even though the relationship makes sense (as per below)


the output doesn’t!


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Now that PowerPivot has RTM…

As per many blog postings, press releases, tweets, messages, and streams – PowerPivot went RTM on the 5/12.  So what can or should we do now?  Here’s some quick great blog postings to get yourself up and running on PowerPivot ASAP:


    Customizing the PowerPivot Management Dashboard

    (preliminary pre-release)

    Copyright © 2010, Microsoft Corporation, All rights reserved.
    Primary Author: Ankur Goyal, SQL-Analysis Services
    Technical Reviewer: John Hancock, Dave Wickert, Lee Graber, and Artur Pop


    The purpose of PowerPivot for SharePoint is to allow users to share their PowerPivot workbooks in a secure and scalable environment. This whitepaper focuses on the features that SQL Server 2008 R2 provides to help IT users to manage and understand the self-service BI activity. This whitepaper also describes key features of the PowerPivot Management Dashboard that we provide with PowerPivot for SharePoint. The PowerPivot Management Dashboard is built using PowerPivot, SharePoint web part pages and Excel Services technologies. This white paper describes how IT users can extend the capabilities of the management dashboard by creating their own custom reports and dashboard.

    To read this great whitepaper, please click here.

    TechEd NorthAmerica 2010 Sessions

    For a listing of PowerPivotGeek’s PowerPivot sessions at TechEd North America 2010 (also known as the BI Conference 2010), check out:

    TechEd NorthAmerica 2010 Sessions.

    One thing that is missing from this list is also the joint session between Rob Collie (@PowerPivotPro) and Dave Wickert whom will do a PowerPivot power chalk talk.  If you’re in New Orleans for the BI Conf / TechEd NA and into PowerPivot – these are your sessions!

    Denny Lee’s Tweets (1/2 of PowerPivot Twins!)


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