A trick: How do I regenerate a thumbnail in the Gallery?

By powerpivotgeek (dwickert@microsoft.com), on December 11th, 2009

Suppose your thumbnail has gotten out of whack with your workbook. How do you regenerate it? Sure, the brute force way is to re-upload the file again, but surely there must be a geek’er way to do this. Fortunately there is: just edit one of the SharePoint properties for the file. I always select the “Title”. I delete the last character in the title of the file and then re-enter it. Click Save. Since this document property has to be back populated into the file, by changing a property forces the event handler to fire and the thumbnail is regenerated. There ya go!

Original source is http://powerpivotgeek.com/2009/12/11/a-trick-how-do-i-regenerate-a-thumbnail-in-the-gallery/


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