#PowerPivot for SharePoint Installation Guides

Please note, we have uploaded in DRAFT form the PowerPivot for SharePoint Installation guides.   We have propped this information on the page:

PowerPivotGeek.com Server Install

We encourage you to go to this site, review the documents, and provide feedback on what works (or does not) directly on the PowerPivotGeek.com Server Install page.

There are four guides in the works:

As Dave noted on the PowerPivotGeek.com Server Install page:

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Lots of folks have spent countless hours working on these documents and we should acknowledge them right now:

Principal author: Leon Cyril (Microsoft Tester, PowerPivot development team)

Secondary authors:

  • Denny Lee (Microsoft SQLCAT team)
  • Dave Wickert (Microsoft Program Manager, PowerPivot development team)
  • Kathy MacDonald (Microsoft Program Manager, PowerPivot development team)

Technical reviewers:

  • Jim Howey (Microsoft Program Manager, PowerPoint development team)
  • Jennifer Chu (Microsoft Service Engineer, SQL IT Support)
  • Heidi Steen (Microsoft Technical Writer, SQL UE team)
  • Ed Campbell (Consultant, Murphy & Associates)

Do you have other configurations that you would like to see instructions for?
If so, please go to the PowerPivotGeek.com Server Install page and provide your comments there!


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