Two great #PowerPivot tips from one half of PowerPivot Twins!

Hats off to Dave Wickert (one half of the PowerPivot Twins!) – he’s been blogging like there’s no tomorrow and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up!  Saying this, he’s included on his blog,, two great tips for PowerPivot:

1) Ensure when you install Excel 2010 that you also install Office Shared Tools, it contains VSTO which is necessary for the PowerPivot add-in to work properly.  You can read more in his posting: And oh, you need this one more thing.

2) When you save your workbooks, save them in cell A1 so that way when your workbook is saved to SharePoint, Excel Services will render the workbook properly centered.  For more info, check out his posting: Another tip – always save your workbooks at cell A1.






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